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Post by Admin » 18 Mar 2020, 13:45

We all heard Graizer payed 50k for the =aXrs= rights. Now we all know Graizer he is awesome.

But last week i had to mute/ignore him because of lack of professionality. He told us he is working on a MAJOR new production and he needed a song. So i tried to help him but all YOU ASSHOLES kept him busy with bla bla bla...

HE TOTALLY ignored me so i was pissed. Never the less i bless him and i hope he will release the new video soon. Keep posted battlefield friends!

Here is a teaser (well elder production but im sure Graizer will top this one):


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Re: Graizer

Post by BF player » 18 Mar 2020, 13:49

I try to find a way to connect with =aXrs= :angry-screaming:

Now i know the research is secret and very well protected but still we should be able to apply for a job at that site right? Anyone has an email address or domain? The youtube channel has closed all the comments.... and the ingame chat is HORRIBLE SHORT. So please if anyone knows here a phone number or teamspeak channel where the professors and scientists of =aXrs= are please let me know!

Thanks in advance,

BFSoldier =aXrs= all the way #-o

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