Xeno v1.1 xXx sexy borg Skin

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Xeno v1.1 xXx sexy borg Skin

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Hi guys, yeah well what can i say? :))

Here is a patched version of the Xeno skin. In here you will find nipples... i mean uncut version of the borg lady. 8-|

Demo here:

Unpacked it is 229mb so its very detailed and HUGE. Be patient at first loading time when you select one of these characters in your game. Especially on older systems or where you set HIGH DETAIL it might take up to a minute or two to load!!


overwrite all existing Xeno char files
select the first torso not the second one
XENO xXx v1.1 uncut by www.SPCL.tk.zip
(147.71 MiB) Downloaded 18 times

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