the eagle goes away

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the eagle goes away

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i am sorry to inform you that for the next 4 years i won't be active in any gaming community, because even an old ass gotta finish faculty a.k.a college

but don't worry. the PROUD ALBANIAN will come here & there time to time.

i'm still looking for you motherfucker. next year i will be in germany for xmas. come in germany (whatever region), i really want to meet you and see how brave you are. i heard you can crack fingers, how true is that? i will leave my number you when the time comes. for once act like a non-russian: GIVE & KEEP YOUR PROMISE

EVERYONE. farewell.

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Re: the eagle goes away

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OH HEY MAN... thats great news... i mean u gonna do ur study :geek: perfect man... wish ya luck and see ya around after.......

take care bud (so also no more CS:GO ?)

and dear brother... wish you well and thanks for the heads-up! THis next > up last song is for you:


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